History of TAMBA WINE

Tetsuo Kuroi set himself a mission to seek out the perfect wine to complement traditional Japanese food. He could find nothing to meet his ideal.
So in 1979 he founded his own winery in Toriino, near Kyoto.
Toriino has rich soil, warm days and cold nights: ideal for wine.
Toriino wines finally enabled Tetsuo Kuroi to achieve his mission.Use your second sip to toast the man.

The Terrain of TAMBA Winery

The neighborhood of TAMBA Winery has been supporting Kyoto, the ancient Capital of Japan, by producing food as a role of “food mine”.
From budding season in March until harvest in fall, the average temperature difference between day and night is one of the most extreme in Japan.

TAMBA WINE production

In most cases in white wine production, fermentation is done after the clarification.
The reason for this method is to make the clearest wine as possible so the wine goes well with subtle taste of Kyoto cuisine (Japanese traditional cuisine).

Taking into consideration the balance between the food and the wine, they are produced to extract high acid and fruitiness from the grapes.
Also no excess flavors are added to keep the harmony with the wine and food.

Concept of TAMBA WINE

・Suitable for Japanese Traditional Cuisine
 ・Communications tool of daily life
 ・A European culture (history of wine) is esteemed, and the Japanese culture is sent to the world.

Husband will return home early if there is good home cooking of his wife.

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